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2nd March 2016

Is your website mobile friendly for 2016?

Has your website seen a decline in traffic or rankings in Google?

On the 21st April 2015, Google introduced a new search algorithm designed to place mobile friendly sites higher than other sites...

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24th December 2015

Google have changed the way it ranks websites

Google have changed the way it ranks websites accessed on mobile devices. This change is significant and could have a major impact on your website's search ranking.

The new algorithm will be emphasizing a lot on sites turning responsive. Google has officially made it clear that Responsive Design is...

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10th February 2015

WordPress - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good..

WordPress is a blogging platform designed for the specific reason of making blogging easier. However just like any other platform, WordPress needs to be installed on a hosting server for it to work properly.

WordPress has been designed to remove the HTML knowledge usually needed to create a website...

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10th January 2015

6 Sure-Fire Content Marketing Tips That Work!

1. Plan

Build an integrated plan to deliver the content and be clear on which channels, platforms and media you will use.

There are a number of channels and platforms you can use for your content marketing we have listed a few to get your started...

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