10th February 2015

Top 7 Reasons why you need Social Media Marketing?

In this article we are going to explain our top 7 reasons why social media must be part of your marketing strategy today.

1: Time Spent on Social Media is Increasing

People are spending more time on social media sites. If you want your business to be successful then it's essential to be marketing through social media.

2: Connect with Potential Customers

With so many people logging in to Facebook and the other social media sites every week those sites can be the best first place to start your marketing efforts.

3: Build Relationships with Current Customers

Through social media websites you can easily connect with people you’ve already done business with and help improve existing services.

4: Social Media Influences Search Engine Rankings

Google loves social media and pushing social media directly into your website will benefit from a jump in your websites position in Google. Google looks for regularly updated websites!

5: Highly Targeted Marketing Opportunities

No more buying lists of potential clients you can now target demographic groups easily through social networking websites.

6: Social Media Can Be Cost Effective

You can set up your own social media profile for your business for free on all the major websites or for a small fee you can get a social media marketing company to manage your social media on your behalf if you haven't got the time.

7: Social Media is Replacing Traditional Media

As the time we spend on social media websites increases the time we spend reading traditional paper based newspapers decreases.

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