Google rolls out new PPC update, Dsgn One Blog

24th April 2016

Google rolls out new PPC update, Dsgn One Blog

Google rolls out new PPC update!

On 22nd February Google rolled out a new update that meant the permanent removal of all Right Hand Side Ads appearing on the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS) worldwide.

We believe Google started to roll out this update on the 19th February without any official announcement given, in fact as this article is being published we are still awaiting official confirmation from Google.

With the removal of ads on the right hand side of search pages the number of ads shown at the very top of each page has increased from three to four ads (particularly for search queries with high volumes) and then three ads showing at the bottom of the page under the organic search results.

Why has Google removed PPC adverts from the right hand side?

As Google have not yet confirmed the reason behind the new update we can only speculate but we believe it could be to do with the fact mobile devices only have ads appearing at the top and bottom of the search pages and this new update brings desktop in line with mobile device search pages.

What does this mean for my Google Adwords Campaign?

The short answer is we believe you could see an increase in the Cost-per-Click (CPC) paid to achieve a top first page position as now the right hand ads have been removed the competition to get on this front page will ultimately increase. Ensuring you have both a good quality score and good CTR now seem more significant than ever before in achieving a top front page position for your ads.

Want to learn more?

To find out more about how we can help you in your on-going Google Adwords campaign or if you are looking to start a new Google Adwords campaign for the first time to gain more enquiries for your business contact us today.

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