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10th February 2015

WordPress - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good..

WordPress is a blogging platform designed for the specific reason of making blogging easier. However just like any other platform, WordPress needs to be installed on a hosting server for it to work properly.

WordPress has been designed to remove the HTML knowledge usually needed to create a website...

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10th January 2015

6 Sure-Fire Content Marketing Tips That Work!

1. Plan

Build an integrated plan to deliver the content and be clear on which channels, platforms and media you will use.

There are a number of channels and platforms you can use for your content marketing we have listed a few to get your started...

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24th December 2014

Google Rolls out Panda 4.0 Update

Google’s Matt Cutts (head of the spam team at Google) announced yesterday on his Twitter account they have released a new Google Panda algorithm version 4.0 update.

The Panda algorithm is designed to filter out sites with poor quality content to ensure only 'quality' relevant sites get to the top of the Google search results...

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